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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Building Materials We Recommend for 2017

aluminium doors

As we find ourselves on the better half of another decade in the 21st century, we can look back at the construction industry’s progress towards becoming sustainable and eco-friendly. We’ve come a long way in curbing electricity usage in buildings processes, as well as electricity use in buildings themselves, which has dramatically reduced the need for harmful industrial material manufacture over the last hundred years or so.

For the Contractor: Get A Hold Of The Best Materials

aluminium doors

Being the best local contractor in town undoubtedly comes with much experience, skill and know-how when it comes to getting the best deals on materials (which often ends up being your or your customer’s biggest expense). From domestic remodels to revamping shop fronts for the New Year, finding aluminium doors and windows in a metropolitan area like Johannesburg, for example, is easier than getting a hold of them in the countryside. While supporting your local suppliers is a good idea, these materials are only scarce if you don't know where to look! Here are some tips on how to get the most bang for your buck: