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5 Factors that Determine the Energy Efficiency of Aluminium Windows

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To be considered energy efficient windows need to meet certain criteria. In the home energy efficiency refers to how much energy, electrical or otherwise, is consumed to keep the space cool or warm and well lit. If you make use of energy efficient aluminium windows you will save money by using less power to keep the temperature and lighting in your home comfortable and constant.

Is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

Replacing a Window

Renovating your home is usually a very expensive project, so deciding which elements you should upgrade is quite daunting. However, one particularly important element that you should consider replacing is your windows- especially if they are very old and looking tacky!

What Does Double Glazing Refer To In Aluminium Windows?

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With all the various understandings of what glazing actually refers to, it’s understandable to wonder what exactly double glazing really means when talking about aluminium windows aluminium windows. Many customers and even some contractors are asking this exact question, so we’re going to give you quick and simple answer.