Why Aluminium Windows Should Be Your Next Worthwhile Investment

When you’re looking to add more value to your building (whether for home or for your business), aluminium windows don’t often make it to the top of the “To Buy” list– but they should!

The Benefits of Investing in Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are a popular and sought-afterbuilding element for many homebuyers and those looking for new workspaces. By investing in an upgrade on your windows, you’resolidifying additional value to your space for when you decide to sell. These windows are an obvious choicebecause they come with various hassle-free, cost-effective benefits:

  • Aluminium windows provide endless flexibility for your aesthetic needs; they areparticularly versatile in terms ofcolours and finishes. They are malleable enough to allow for thickness variation and are the best choice for unusual designs.
  • Aluminium is lighter than most materials; meaning that aluminium windows are easy to use and safer to operate.
  • Although attractive and lightweight, alimunium windows do not compromise on strength. They are naturally strong and will ensure a reasonable amount of security; once they are installed, they will not easilybend.
  • The price for aluminium windows is significantly less than the alternatives in multiple ways – from installation to maintenance, they impact your pocket less heavily than windows made ofwood or steel.
  • Aluminium windows are easily installed, especially when done by a team of professionals.
  • Being highly durable, aluminiumwindows will serve you well for decades, requiring little maintenance as time goes on. They are perfectly suited to our South African weather,withstanding our scorching summers, our windy, rainy and humid seasons.
  • Aluminium is non-corrosive, so rust won’t be an issue. They are strong enough to resist any kind of expanding or contracting that one might findthe alternatives doing in changing temperatures.
  • Requiring almost no maintenance, aluminium windows won’t incur additional time-consuming and costly upkeep.
  • These windows are also a little greener! Aluminium is100% recyclable and will conserve the hard work of your aircon, whether in summer or winter, by insulating the building effectively.

Different Styles of Aluminium Windows Available from RDA

RDA Aluminiumcan manufacture and install aluminium windows in several different styles for both residential homes and office buildings. The three basic styles of windowsinclude:

  • Side hung windows
  • Top hung windows
  • Horizontal sliding windows

Side Hung Windows

RDA Aluminium is proudly the top supplier of side hung aluminium casement windows in Gauteng. Side hung casement windows can be fitted with either standard glass, toughened glass or they can be double-glazed. This style of window allows you to direct an outside breeze to a specific area by adjusting the angle at which it is opened. Side hung windows can be supplied in various colours including black, white, grey and bronze.

Top Hung Windows

Top hung aluminium windows are a popular alternative style to the conventional side hung casement windows. Although top hung windows are usually supplied in standard sizes and configurations, they can be assembled to suit your individual requirements. RDA supplies them in natural anodized aluminium, or in black, white, grey or bronze powder coatings.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Many people opt for horizontal sliding windows when carrying out alterations to their home or business. RDA Aluminium assembles and installs aluminium sliding windows in a number of standard sizes and configurations; they can also be custom-made to suit individual requirements. The durability of the horizontal aluminium sliding window means that it can be fitted in almost any location. RDA Aluminium provides expert quality aluminium windows for homes and commercial spaces. All windows can be glazed in standard, toughened or laminated glass; or in double glazing on request. They are glazed at our factory in Alberton in Gauteng with glazing gaskets. All windows comply with AAAMSA recommendations. Contact us to chat about your aluminum window and door needs.