Outdoor Sliding Doors: Let the South African Summer in

The ultimate way to bring the outdoors in this summer is to have outdoor sliding doors installed. Making use of architectural aluminium doors means your patio or garden will become much more a part of your home than it ever was before. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when embracing the use of outdoor sliding doors this season.


Outdoor sliding doors, especially aluminium doors, are a fantastic addition to any space. Big open spaces are a popular choice for open interiors in South Africa’s warm climate and you can achieve that with only one addition or change. The décor of your space will be enhanced by the sleek design of our aluminium doors.

Linking Spaces

Making use of outdoor sliding doors is a fantastic way to make your garden or patio more easily accessible than it has ever been. You will virtually double your entertainment space with a single installation. For a seamless flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces, RDA has the solution.

Safe and Secure

Aluminium doors are exceedingly safe and secure. They can easily go from open and free flowing to locked and impenetrable. Read more on how to secure your aluminium doors here.

Space Saving

Aluminium doors, and particularly outdoor sliding folding doors, are made to take up minimal space when folded or slid open and out of the way. No extra space is needed to accommodate for the installation of outdoor sliding doors.

Energy Efficiency

The use of aluminium outdoor sliding doors in combination with improved weather stripping and thermal insulation makes for great insulation and energy saving for your home. This means you will need less energy and so less electricity to power artificial temperature regulators like heaters and air conditioners to achieve the same constant temperature indoors. So you’ll have a beautiful home that is saving energy and saving you money, sounds like the deal of the year to me.

Outdoor sliding doors will allow you to enjoy your garden and patio this summer, like you never have before. Contact us at RDA to get the architectural aluminium door you’ve always wanted.