The Most Commonly Asked Questions about Aluminium Doors and Windows; Answered

Are aluminium doors and windows secure?

Aluminium is a strong metal that cannot be snapped or cut. This makes locked doors virtually impossible to open without the key. The same goes for closed aluminium widows because the aluminium will not rust or warp to degrade the integrity of the aluminium.

Are aluminium doors better than uPVC?

Aluminium, though one of the more inexpensive metals is still more costly to produce than uPVC (plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride). Although it may be more expensive, aluminium will outlive uPCV due to its durable nature, making aluminium the better investment.

How much do aluminium doors cost?

Aluminium doors are inexpensive in that the investment is likely to pay off for years to come. When paired with a laminated or double glazed glass the door, it may even outlive the rest of the house. Aluminium is cheaper than other metals, yet it has many more benefits.

How to clean aluminium doors and windows?

Begin by hosing off or rinsing the frames with clean water. Then scrub the frames with a detergent or some vinegar and lemon juice to revive the aluminium’s shine. Wipe down with a damp cloth then rinse with clean water to get rid of any detergent. 

Are aluminium windows cold?

Aluminium windows are easy to insulate with a “thermal break.” This thermal break is a thermal barrier that is created with a material that is non-conductive. With the barrier installed the cold from outside will not seep through to the inside. This is usually only necessary in very cold climates where snow is present. 

How to replace aluminium windows?

•    Measure your window frames.
•    Place aluminium window in framed space.
•    Make sure it is level and flush with the wall.
•    Screw in frame with a drill on all sides.

It’s that simple. Aluminium windows and doors are superior in strength, durability, and low-maintenance and weather resistant. Let in the light with smaller aluminium frames that let the sunshine flow in and get your windows and doors an aluminium makeover!