Jump Into 2018 Architecture Trends with Aluminium Windows and Doors

Homeowners love following trends, which is why it is important for contractors to be able to cater to the latest trends with ease. The benefit of our aluminium windows and doors here at RDA is that they offer a level of flexibility that is ideal for the latest building trends of 2018.

Blending inside and outside spaces

One of the most prominent trends in architecture for 2018 is the idea of blurring the barriers between inside and outside spaces, and even between public and private spaces. Home owners are looking for everything from living rooms that open seamlessly onto their lawns to outdoor kitchens at the poolside. While it’s easy enough to build a wall-less kitchen space like that outside, clients will likely also be concerned about the weather, bugs, and security.

Aluminium windows for sale from RDA, as well as doors, can be custom-manufactured to fit these creative outdoor spaces. Sliding windows and folding doors are the perfect solution, and you’ll be able to install them in a way that ensures a barrier that can be opened to create a seamless link between spaces, only acting as a barrier when needed or as chosen.

Circular spaces

With the growing emphasis on minimalist features and eco-friendly designs that fit into surrounding environments, circular and curved home designs have started to make a strong showing this year. While many home owners like the idea, though, they worry about how their windows will fit into this circular design.

You can put their minds at ease with curtain walling. Using aluminium window frames that have been manufactured the correct shape allows you to install these ‘curtain walls’ as glass window-walls, much like you will find on the faces of large buildings today.

Automated homes

Advancement is a key focus everywhere, and one of the trends in this vein is the emphasis on automated homes. With the speed and accessibility of the internet advancing in leaps and bounds, and with more and more appliances using Wi-Fi connectivity to link to centralised systems for ease of control, home owners want to use this.

With something like aluminium sliding windows you can easily attach a motor (if you have the skills and tools) that can open and close this, with the motor’s controls connected to the internet. That will allow home owners to control their windows from their phones, making sure their homes are secure in this regard even when away from home. And because aluminium is so light, you won’t need to install heavy, expensive motors to deal with the load.

Looking for aluminium windows for sale?

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