How installing aluminium doors and windows can save you money

New homes boast shiny new aluminium doors and windows, but is there more to them than the fact that they look great? In short, yes – much more!.

Aluminium doors and windows can streamline any design with applications available in anything from radiant silver to more subtle charcoal colour finishes. Their sleek appearance makes them a perfect finishing touch to polish a space.

Energy prices are at an all-time high and architects are well aware of this. But the energy crisis situation is turning into a reason to introduce a new aesthetic and some energy-saving elements to designs in order to benefit the people who use the space – and their pockets!

Frame vs glass

The strength of architectural aluminium applications in windows and doors allows that the glass can make up the majority of the structure. This means that the window or door will look beautiful while the glass is still thermally efficient when paired with a thin aluminium frame. Not only will you save plenty of money on energy costs, you will also be going the green route as this is an environmentally friendly. Talk about bang for your buck.

Thermal technology

Aluminium windows and doors are high up on the list of the best options for effective thermal conduction and insulating architectural elements. They outperform uPVC and timber, especially with thermal breaks in the panes of glass. Aluminium remains highly stable under changing temperatures and it adapts quickly.

Unlike timber, aluminium window and door frames will not begin to weather or crack as a result of constant fluctuating temperatures, moisture levels or general usage. Aluminium is the cheapest frame option compared to steel, timber or uPVC, so you’ll save money without compromising durability!

Aluminium is virtually maintenance-free, it is highly durable and it is corrosion resistant – even in unfavourable conditions. It is reusable and recyclable which makes it the greenest, most efficient and most affordable option for your windows and doors.

Consider all the factors before choosing which application you want for your windows and doors because knowing all the elements will determine how much money you could save. One thing is for certain: with aluminium windows and doors you will save money during construction plus you’ll make your money back in winter and in summer due to natural air-conditioning properties.