The Beauty and Durability of Aluminium Doors

Aluminium is essentially a relatively malleable, durable, soft, ductile and lightweight metal with appearance that range from dull grey to silvery, depending on the roughness of the surface. This metal does not ignite easily and it is non-magnetic. Builders and architects have always appreciated aluminium doors because of their capacity to be configured into a number of combinations to maximize views and provide lasting value and overall strength. Aluminium is 43 times stronger when compared to wood and 3.5 times stronger in comparison to vinyl and has a strength-to-weight ratio that is quite high. This makes it an ideal material for doors and windows; in fact, a number of these doors are considered to be hurricane resistant as manufacturers take advantage of the durability of aluminium. Within the commercial market, aluminium has been outperforming wood and vinyl doors for a long time and has proven itself to be the door and window material that meets the highest demand as it relates to longevity, performance and strength. In residential applications, windows and doors that are made out of aluminium are renowned for lasting decades longer than vinyl and wood. In addition, aluminium is resistant to termites, vermin and rodents.

As a result of the value for money that they offer and other numerous benefits, aluminium doors are now among the most commonly used options by architects and owners of all different types of buildings. Some of the specific benefits are highlighted below:

  • Available in wood-look coatings, powder coated colours and anodised finish
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • High performance
  • Available in extremely large sizes and other custom sizes
  • They can be outfitted with a variety of security features
  • They are bullet resistant, fire resistant and burglar resistant
  • A wide assortment of glass options can be incorporated into the design, with
  • different characteristics, colours and thickness
  • There is a variety of innovative styles like rotating, sliding and folding doors
  • Well insulated against inclement weather and sound
  • Resistant to harmful environmental effects like corrosion and distortion

Hinged and Sliding Aluminium Doors

The hinged doors are viewed as the most standard kind of doors and they are hinged onto the jamb either on the right or left, enabling them to be opened outward or inward but not in both directions. The hinged variety of the doors can be manufactured as double doors or single doors. The outer door frame is made out of sturdy extruded aluminium and the middle section can be outfitted with aluminium cladding or glass. Additionally, the hinged doors can be designed in a cottage pane style. The sliding doors provide a perfect solution for individuals who are seeking an affordable method of maximising the view out of the office space or living area. These doors have the capacity to transform any space automatically, while making it possible for a lot more light to enter the space than standard doors allow. They are operated on adjustable, smooth-gliding rollers and they are completely weather-sealed. The sliding doors come in two or three panel varieties, with one of the panel always fixed. Equipped with sidelights or toplights, these doors can serve as a partial enclosure or provide coverage for large openings.

Aluminium Folding and Swing Doors

Aluminium folding doors are referred to by a variety of different names including folding-stacking doors, stacking doors, accordion doors or concertina doors. These innovative and modern doors allow for openings that are exceptionally large and bring the outdoors in. They fold and slide simultaneously out of the way to completely open up a new world to the home owner. Depending of the total width of the opening, these doors have panels ranging from 3 to 10, which fold on each another whenever they are opened, stacking away compactly and neatly. The pivot doors or swing doors are different from other varieties of doors since they open both outwards and inwards. There are no hinges on the door frames of swing doors; instead, the doors pivot on an axis point that closes towards the right or left side of the door. As a result of this feature, the width or these doors can be larger than the hinged doors, if so required. The doors can be either designed as glass doors without frames or framed with manufactured aluminium. There is also the option of spring loading the swing doors, in order that they come to rest in a closed or sealed position.

Aluminium doors are versatile, durable and aesthetically appealing and can transform an ordinary room into a beautiful, multifunctional space, which will be appreciated by both family members and guests of the home.