Aluminium in Architectural History

Aluminium has changed the way people build with its lightweight nature and unbelievable strength. There are some famous buildings which highlight the advantages of aluminium, whether it be in structure or design. Everything from aluminium doors and windows to design features and structural support are attributed to aluminium’s unmatched durability and malleability.

Monadnock Building, Chicago, USA

This construction project was completed in 1893 and was among the first buildings to use aluminium as a major element in both structure and design. The use of aluminium in large structures immediately became popular because of its near 100% recyclability, meaning it is not only key to keeping occupants feeling safe and happy, but to protecting their pockets too! It was restored in 1979. As the first structural use of aluminium in building construction, it was used to support the load-bearing brick building. It is now the tallest load-bearing brick building ever constructed.

Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt, Germany

Marked as one of the tallest buildings in Europe the Commerzbank Tower overlooks the Frankfurt skyline. You can see the application of aluminium in the anodised panels used on the exterior as rain screens, and extruded aluminium designs provide the building with ventilation.

The Wave, Almere, Holland

the-wave aluminium in building

This is the perfect example of how aluminium lends itself to intricate architectural design. The stunning effect created by the aluminium will not corrode or deteriorate even though it is built close to the sea.

Aluminium lends itself to many different application thanks to its non-corrosive properties, strength and lightweight nature. This is why aluminium doors and windows are popular choices for any application, whether it be residential, retail or offices.

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