4 Ways to Give the Exterior of Your House a Modern Facelift

By revamping the exterior of your house, even while on a budget, your home can improve its looks and its value. There are a number of ways to give your home a facelift, changing just a few of these elements will help any home look more modern in a jiffy. No need to schedule major renovations and upgrades, just take it one window at a time, one door at a time, or one extension at a time. With these home exterior makeover ideas, your house can look more modern and futureproof with just a few ingenious tweaks here and there.

Why Should You Change the Exterior of Your House?

We all know that people do in fact judge books by their covers, this is why your house needs to look good on the outside. Changing the exterior of your house is completely necessary for old-fashioned houses that may be lacking charm and appeal in today’s day and age. Depending on the suburb, most emerging suburban areas are moving towards a modern aesthetic that will become the canvas for any buyer’s style. So, even if you are not thinking of selling for a while to come, by changing the exterior, you will increase the value while also giving yourself a modern playground to dabble with your design skills. With a modern home, you can adapt it to fit into any style: eclectic, industrial, rustic, luxe and more.

Changing just a few elements such as old fashioned doors, aging window frames and dreary landscapes can get your house looking instantly finer and ready to take on the modern look.

Clad Your Home into Something Better

Cladding, our first idea for transforming your home, is the application of one material over another to give it a new skin. You can change the skin of your home’s face brick, stone, or pebbledash exterior into any colour or texture you can imagine without having to breakdown any walls. Exterior finishes include:

  • PVCu Cladding
  • Laminate Cladding
  • Tinder Boarding
  • Stone Tiles

The exterior of your home can also be repainted depending on the material and condition of the surface using masonry paint, this is by far the cheaper option. By swapping the exterior finish of your home with a more contemporary skin, your house’s appearance will change drastically.

Replace the Windows of Your Home

Designers and architects often refer to windows as the eyes of the house. By changing the eyes of your home, you can instantly transform the entire style and personality of your property, instantly giving your home a modern facelift. For those who want to go for a more contemporary aesthetic, simply replacing your windows with aluminium windows will already have an old-fashioned home look instantly younger and modern.

Update Your Doors

Outdated doors, whether the front door or the side doors and patio doors, will add an extra layer of dull to any property. So, by simply replacing the doors in your house, the entire façade will make a dramatic recovery into the current century. Using aluminium folding doors, you can replace those dreary sliding doors or those old-fashioned gates. A metal finish, as seen on the aluminium folding doors, is everything that is fabulous in the modern world of windows and doors, perfect for any trendy home.

Add an Extension

By adding a modern extension onto your home, not only will you increase its value, you will also have any style transformed into the contemporary era. By adding an extension, you will be instantly changing the entire shape of your home, empowering you to introduce a more modern dimension. Your extension can be adding an extra storey, adding a feature such as a large chimney, or adding an extra building that can become an entertainment area. Another emerging trend is to transform your garage into a modern pod as an extra room or library of treasures and fun.

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