Why Aluminium is the Best Material for Your Doors

Aluminium is the Best Material for Your Doors

Throughout the history of civilization there have been many different materials used to make doors. Everything from leather flaps to massive chunks of steel, it’s all been used in their construction.

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RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows

While suppliers of aluminium doors in Gauteng abound, RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows CC is still one of the most trusted suppliers in the province. We’ve earned this trust, not through smoke and mirrors but through professional service and quality products.

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RDA Aluminium Doors & Windows

With a staggering figure of 57 retail store robberies on a daily basis, safety has become a major concern for store owners. As a well-known crime hotspot, aluminium sliding doors in Johannesburg are an essential safety feature in modern times.

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Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas on 25 August 2017; the damage faced by victims was extreme and Harvey left chaos in its wake. The hurricane caused damage on a massive scale: it destroyed 9000 homes, 700 businesses and seriously affected 185000 other buildings.