Best windows for public spaces

Selling Aluminium Doors & Windows

Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas on 25 August 2017; the damage faced by victims was extreme and Harvey left chaos in its wake. The hurricane caused damage on a massive scale: it destroyed 9000 homes, 700 businesses and seriously affected 185000 other buildings.

Switch on the Sun

Selling Aluminium Doors & Windows

Here’s a quick fact: at its centre, the sun can reach temperatures of about 15 million °C. Here’s another fact: the sun exhibits a combination of all colours and the result, according to our vision, is a bright white light. Here’s a question: why do we underestimate the power and beauty of natural lighting?


General contractors should keep up with construction industry trends

Selling Aluminium Doors & Windows

One might think that contractors are merely the muscle behind all operations because they are in charge of all the heavy lifting, building and engineering equipment. This is true but they are so much more than that. They are responsible for running entire projects; they must also keep up with industry trends.