VistaFold Sliding Folding Doors have become the most popular new aluminium doors with architects, builders and home owners. VistaFold doors slide smoothly along the track to either one side or two sides, allowing uninterrupted views of the outside panorama. These are the definitive way of combining indoor and outdoor living. All of RDA Aluminium's sliding folding aluminium doors are custom made to match your individual needs. Laminated safety glass is standard fitting in all VistaFold doors, but you can also order double glazing should you so wish. The size and number of panels in VistaFold doors varies with the width and height of the opening.

South Africa enjoys a moderate climate, and South Africans love the outdoors. One of the great South African traditions is the braai, and with a set of VistaFold sliding folding aluminium doors you can enjoy the outside to the utmost. With your sliding folding doors wide open and folded flat against each other your interior living area becomes transformed into a huge living area.

Sliding folding doors are the alternative choice to the usual sliding doors and they have one great advantage in that they afford a much wider opening to the exterior. The principle of the sliding folding door is that the panels stack neatly in a concertina fashion to one side of the opening. By installing sliding folding doors you can transform a room into an integrated indoor and outdoor living area. Normal sliding doors inevitably take up space that would otherwise be wide open when using sliding folding doors.

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