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Aluminium Windows And Doors In Modern Architecture

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Modern architecture has a range of options in materials for doors and windows, from the traditional timber to more recent uPVC, or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. The preferred material, for its many advantages and minimal disadvantages, is aluminium. Aluminium windows and doors in both large and small construction projects display their superiority in strength, durability, and value over time, and appearance.

Aluminium Doors and Windows from RDA Aluminium

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RDA is a leading company that offers aluminium doors and windows in South Africa. The name is actually an acronym for "Reliable, Dynamic and Affordable", three acronyms that customers are looking for in a manufacturer or supplier company.

Aluminium Windows and Doors

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Aluminium windows and doors are sold in many varieties and a long list if colours. Sliding doors for patios and garages are available for homes and businesses with hardware and easy installation. Entry doors are also made from aluminium.

The Beauty and Durability of Aluminium Doors

Aluminum doors

Aluminium is essentially a relatively malleable, durable, soft, ductile and lightweight metal with appearance that range from dull grey to silvery, depending on the roughness of the surface. This metal does not ignite easily and it is non-magnetic.