Aluminium Doors

3 advantages of aluminium that we forget to appreciate

aluminium doors

Aluminium serves a lot more purpose than just being extremely durable and aesthetically appealing. With a broader understanding of aluminium and its unique properties, you will look at objects and buildings around you with new eyes- so many inventions and technological advancements would have failed to succeed without the help of aluminium!.

For the Contractor: Get A Hold Of The Best Materials

aluminium doors

Being the best local contractor in town undoubtedly comes with much experience, skill and know-how when it comes to getting the best deals on materials (which often ends up being your or your customer’s biggest expense). From domestic remodels to revamping shop fronts for the New Year, finding aluminium doors and windows in a metropolitan area like Johannesburg, for example, is easier than getting a hold of them in the countryside. While supporting your local suppliers is a good idea, these materials are only scarce if you don't know where to look! Here are some tips on how to get the most bang for your buck:

Future Aluminium Spaceframes for Rolls-Royces

aluminium doors

We trulely believe that aluminium is a fantastic material, which can be used for countless applications. So, apart from being ideal for the manufacturing of aluminium doors and windows, aluminium has been in the spotlight for other uses, such as the all new Rolls-Royce lightweight aluminium spaceframe architecture, which will exceed the next generation of classic cars from 2018.

Why it is good to use aluminium in gyms

Aluminium in Gym

Ever wonder why so many gyms use aluminium in their doors, windows and in even in some equipment? Well, because entering a gym that is both clean and attractive has psychological benefits on a person that leads to successful training and fitness.