About Aluminium

Different uses for Aluminium

Aluminium windows

Aluminium has various uses as it possesses unique characteristics. It has a low density, is resistant to rust, has a high melting point and is highly conductive.

Why Do We Use Aluminium In The Construction Industry?


Aluminium is used in many different ways in the construction industry. Its popularity is down to many different factors. These include:

• Strength
• Flexibility
• Long life
• Resistance to corrosion
• Low weight
• Conductivity
• Low cost

The flexibility of aluminium makes it possible to extrude the metal into many different forms and shapes. That makes it an ideal metal to manufacture things like windows and doors in many different styles. Windows and doors must be able to withstand extremes of weather, and aluminium is perfect for this. Additionally, its strength makes it difficult for burglars to penetrate, so it provides a high level of protection.

What Our AAAMSA Accreditation Means For You


RDA Aluminium works hard to provide clients with quality service and products. Accreditation through the Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa (AAAMSA) clearly demonstrates the RDA commitment to this relationship with its customers. 

What is AAAMSA?

AAAMSA is an association founded in 1974 by eight different companies that wanted to ensure high standards in their work and help customers to distinguish between this professional level of architectural work and others. Accreditation with AAAMSA is a badge of honour for any company in the architectural materials business.