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Do you want a Modern House?

Modern Home

If you are building or renovating a home, I would suggest that you use modern design techniques and styles. These days the designs that are in fashion are based on style, functionality, simplicity and technological advancements.

What I Wish I Had Known When I Built My Home

Aluminium windows

For those who have been home owners for years we have learnt “what not to do” through years of experience. Building a home when you are young and starting a family is a fun and exciting experience, but be sure to make the right choices to ensure smooth sailing down the line.

Life hacks: Aluminium foil


Aluminium foil has countless uses, especially in the kitchen. We use it to preserve, cook and keep food warm or cool. There are a few other uses for it in the kitchen and other places around the house.

The Louvre Pyramid’s Modern Aluminium Structure

Aluminium windows

The architect M. Pei designed the Louvre Museum pyramid which complements the Louvre Museum in Paris. It is linked to projects established during the French Revolution. Once the pyramid was completed in 1989, it did not only become a symbol of Paris, but also an inviolable landmark.